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Blams and saves...

2008-05-23 02:25:32 by thefev

Flash portal -
I don't know what people think when they upload a flash. If it's crapy then why even bother? Most people look upon a new flash submission and judge it by a few things. Some, if not most or all, people don't even view the creator's work when they vote. A few things they look for are:
1. The name of the author - if it's a well known name then 5, duh?
2. File size - this is probably the biggest pointer on whether the author is serious about the flash and the effort put into it. Of course sometimes the file can be really small but lots of effort put into it, or the flash is a link to another flash so that the file size would show up as really small (e.g. 0.3kb) while the real thing is much larger.
3. The author's comment - if it's stupid and pointless then 0. Don't put in things like "this is my first submission/flash..." or "I made this a while back and it's pretty old and lame...". Also, try not to personalise it, e.g. "I made this with my friend/brother..." or"he told me to upload it, even though I think it suxs...".
4. Type of submission - if it's a game then it would most likely to have a longer lifetime in the new submission section. People mostly look at the movies and not the games because games take up a lot of time and are intellectually demanding.

Audio portal -
Now, I have no idea about the audio portal, as no one really visits it and nothing gets blammed. One thing I really hate though is the "0-bombers". I mean, seriously, these artist put serious thought into the music. if you want to see your voting power at work and decreasing the artist's work's score rating by -2.99 or w/e then I suggest you eff right off.


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2008-05-23 02:37:09

true how true...( o and btw you can block and delete comments like the one above me :3)

thefev responds:

Deleted! XD


2008-05-23 06:48:09

Cock Joke.

thefev responds:

Up ur bum


2008-05-23 15:01:17


thefev responds:

Too true...


2008-06-24 11:34:38

All true!
Yeah the 0-bombing in the AP truly sucks :(
NG should give experience fot voting on audio

thefev responds:

Hear hear


2008-06-29 02:52:04

it's thinking like that that allows spammers to cheat the system

if the system were working perfectly, the only thing that would matter is the flash itself, not the author, file size or comments.

thefev responds:

So, you're saying fck the author, their comment and the filesize? Yeah.... No.
And plz get a life. One that doesn't have the word AdairTishler in it.


2008-06-30 00:06:02

Stop crying about something that doesn't matter.

thefev responds:

Stop spamming the General forum like an attention whore.


2008-09-02 19:38:01

yo how do you make your music cuz im thinkin about producing yoo

thefev responds:

FL Studio (Fruity Loops Studio). I'm starting out so my music is pretty shit. It takes ages of practise to get good at it.


2008-09-22 19:34:03

Hey, I'm so sorry about posting something unrelated to your post but I just wanted to know wich programm do you use to make your music, I'm very interested into composing and I thought you could tell me that single thing

thefev responds:

You could PM me on the matter. You know, so the replies are related.
Or you could read the previous person's reply and how I replied.
I use FL Studio 8 with Adobe CS3 Soundbooth. They both cost money.